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Subject: Learn how things work (secu.)
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runestar 14.06.09 - 09:53pm
Understand what to avoid and what you need to secure more by yourself. simply installing an anti-virus doesn't mean your computer is safe. Personally i hate the d*mn messages on the AVs that say something like (GREENLOGO) Your computer is safe from threats.
No, no it isn't... It's only protected from what the AV knows and handles but nothing else. So it's a wrong kind of message because people really think their whole computer is safe BECAUSE MY SUPER L33T AV SAID SO OMG OMG OMG BOO HOO HOO.
doh3.GIF i don't know should i laugh or cry at that. *

runestar 14.06.09 - 09:57pm
Of course it's better to always have AV and Firewall (+other anti-malware programs) even if you don't know how to use computer but you are still far from being safe completely. *

warded 14.09.19 - 02:16pm
reading3.GIF *

warded 15.09.19 - 11:53am
This is rather useful:

Jotti's malware scan is a free service that lets you scan suspicious files with several anti-virus programs. *

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