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Subject: Firefox 3.5.13 / 3.6.10
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runestar 14.06.09 - 04:00am
Go get it *

runestar 14.06.09 - 07:25am
Get some add-ons

Most important add-ons (security):
adblock Plus

recommended add-ons:
- *

runestar 14.06.09 - 07:35am
Netscape Communicator was awesome until AOL came in and destroyed Netscape. By then Mozilla had already gotten out and gone their own way with Mozilla Suite and other projects such as the FireBird (renamed to FireFox due to patent and name conflicts) *

runestar 14.06.09 - 07:42am
The spirit of Netscape Communicator is not dead. It's called Mozilla Seamonkey (renamed from Mozilla Suite to fit the naming of projects better) *

runestar 6.08.09 - 07:10pm
redalert.GIF *

runestar 18.07.10 - 04:50pm
bumped for FARMFOX 3.6 (the 3.6.6 upate which skipped 3.6.5 completely had only ONE bugfix and it was mainly because of complaints from Farmville players /the plugin timeout was increased because FF was closing Flash etc. too early because of the time limit for hanged plugins. The game loads maybe a bit too much at once and the plugin appears unresponsive for a while and goes over the limit a plugin is allowed to be like that. Solution: Increased time limit. Though the problem is perhaps at the other end. *

runestar 19.07.10 - 12:28am
Oh and the game is a cr*ppy casual game from facebook. If it didn't have so many players Mozilla wouldn't have given a s**t. Those users barely even know what a browser is anyway and they'd only use it for something silly like farmville and checking their e-mail. While the least competent, their numbers and demands are somewhat formidable. They expect things to just work and they hop from software to software on a mere whim. *

runestar 16.09.10 - 08:43pm
3.5.13 / 3.6.10 released within a week of the previous one fixes a potential crash in updater under certain cir tances. *

runestar 16.09.10 - 08:47pm
redalert.GIF Notice that Firefox 3.5 support/development is ending. It was set to end in August and 3.5.13 is only a quick fix for 3.5.12 that was built in august. tea.GIF *

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