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Subject: VLC + VLC Portable
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runestar 13.01.09 - 01:07am
VLC Portable *

runestar 26.01.09 - 07:28am
Some download stats *

warded 14.09.19 - 02:19pm
VLC portable can be gotten straight from the official site 'now'. *

warded 15.09.19 - 11:37am
VLC is better than MPlayer/MPV etc. for DVDs.

9DGEBxJzmVzYkORpjsCN.png *

warded 22.10.19 - 05:41pm
Set up my brother's Linux Mint. It had VLC pre-installed. Tried it for a few songs ok, but for videos it was STILL kinda cr*ppy... Doesn't even remember subtitle selection and other things. MPV is Good, VLC is Bad (except for DVDs, which is the only reason i keep VLC around). *

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