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Subject: Seamonkey 2.1 alpha
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runestar 17.07.10 - 08:47pm
Support for WebGL and for Direct2D acceleration, new add-on manager, supports a lot of the same tabbrowser API as Firefox, more HTML 5 support such as WebM etc. *

runestar 17.07.10 - 08:48pm
Current test release: Alpha 2 *

runestar 17.07.10 - 09:14pm
hmm.GIF I don't like how Firefox 3.6 and newer handle the tabs... The classic linear mode is far superior... besides we've only been using that for what, 7 years straight? And it's standard behavior on pretty much all other tabbed interfaces long before and long after. redalert.GIF

Firefox was actually slower to adopt the gay and quirky tab behavior we see on most browsers these days... They shouldn't have, at all. And don't even get me started on the FF4.0beta UI that that tries to be chrome and cool...

(opera copied their logomenuthingy from FF3.7 drafts by the way and bits of the UI from chrome, lol that closed source s**t is nothing but a dirty leech these days. And they added even gayer features by the way, stuff that you need to manually disable through the hidden configs...) *

runestar 17.07.10 - 09:18pm
internet, serious ing business and browsers that do many unnecessary things to stay ''fresh'' and in the competition. slapper.GIF

Personally, we need more standards and less giving a s**t about what some random low-tier casual users think.

On the other hand the irony lies in the fact that a lot of innovations can be credited to often ed original ideas, that were polished by someone else. Also most design ideas come from stupid hipster art students. (SET SAIL FOR FAIL)

Funnily, i'm posting from Opera 10.60, but it looks and feels quite different from the out of the box version that is garbage tbh. It feels much more opera 8/9. Hell, i'm gonna skin it with an oldschool opera look when i get my around to it. rocky.GIF *

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